100 truth about Nurul Fatihah

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Real name:Nurul Fatihah binti Mohd Zaid
Nickname(s):Epa , Teha , Fath .
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Male or Female:Female lah .
Elementary School:Tadika Pasti
High School:SMK Sultan Ismail , JB
College:I will go there next year :D
Hair colour:black lah ofc . 
Tall or Short:155cm kodd
Sweats or Jeans:JEANS
Phone or Camera:both important
Health freak:Coughing =,=
Orange or Apple:Okay I take Apple
 Do you have a crush on someone?:Yeah , long long time ago .
Eat or Drink: Both lah .
 Piercings:My fav .
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi


 Been in an airplane: No , pity right ?
 Been in a relationship:YesILY Afiq Ali
 Been in a car accident: Yes , keep it as a secret :)
 Been in prison: No


First piercing: When I was a young girl . Derr , it's painful okay .
 First best friend:They are all my bestfriends
 First award:Not sure
 First crush: Standard 1 *gatal betul .
 First word: Awak cantik lah , kita sukaa .


 Last person you talked to in person: My grandma , talked about war .
 Last person you texted:Afiq Ali .
 Last person you watched a movie with: Amirul Zubir .
 Last food you ate: Nasi goreng sambal , my mom cooked it .
 Last movie you watched : Narnia .
 Last song you listened to: Speechless
 Last thing you bought: Melaka's shirt HAHA .
 Last person you hugged: My mom .


Food: Anything as long as it's Halal .
 Drink: Blue coral milkshake with lychee jelly , Milocaw
 Bottoms: Jeans/slacks
 Flower:I'm not interested
 Animal: Caca my hamster
 Colours: Orange , purple ang mostly black .
 Movies: Romance , humour , horror pleasee .
Subject: AddMath , but never get an A . =,=

(Put an X in the brackets if yes )

 [ X ] fell in love with someone 
 [ ] celebrated Halloween 
 [ X ] had your heart broken. 
 [ X ] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone. 
 [ ] had someone question my sexual orientation.
 [ ] got pregnant. 
 [ ] had an abortion.
 [ X ] did something I regret.
 [ X ] broke a promise.
 [ X ] hide a secret.
 [ X ] pretended to be happy.
 [ X ] met someone who changed your life.
 [ X ] pretended to be sick
[ X ] left the country.
 [ X ] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it -only the +ve-
 [ X ]cried over the silliest thing. 
 [ X ] ran a mile.
X ] went to the beach with your best friend. 
 [ X ] hated someone. 
 [  ]stayed single for 2 years


 Eating: No
 Drinking: No
 Listening: No
 Sitting/Laying: Sitting 
 Plans for today: Go to Kota Iskandar
 Waiting: No


 Want kids?Yeah , as many as I can .
 Want to get married? InsyaAllah one dayy .
 Career: I wanna be a dentist , can I ?
 Lips or eyes: I love both .
 Shorter or taller: Idk .
 Romantic or spontaneous:I loike Spontaneous
 Hook-up or relationship : Relationship
 Looks or personality: Personality


 Lost glasses/contacts: Yess
 Killed somebody: Never, I'm not a killer .
 Broken someone's heart: Yes maybe
 Been in love: Yes
 Cried when someone died: I think so .


 Yourself: Sometimes
 Miracles: Allah 
 Love at first sight: Yes
 Heaven: Yes
 Santa Claus: No and never .
 Sex on the first date: Ommagosh  ! Crazy ? Ofc NOT at ALL .
 Kiss on the first date: Step my dead body first , man !


Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes , Double A .
 Do you know who your real friends are:Yes , my besties :)
 Do you believe in God: Yes , I believe in Allah
 Post as 100 truths? Yeah , babeh !

I've done my 100 truth , hby ?
I think most of my friends got this tagged . If I didn't pass it , it 'is not a sin right ?
Good . :DD

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