Love poem for YOU

When all my heart torn with blade ,
When all my hope seems to fade ,
When dreams and fantasies move away ,
And then comes you brightened my day .

My silent ,
Doesn't mean that I gave up ,
My sadness ,
Doesn't show that I'm frustrated ,
My happiness ,
Comes and declines ,
My love ,
Know only you and by you my heart shines .

I just need a reason to smile ,
To be love and to be live ,
To have faith and to have heart ,
Dear , how can I be blind all this long ,
That the reason I've been looking for is YOU .

While my heart once was with him ,
Yet you still endure the pain ,
While my speeds and compliments were all about him ,
You didn't felt a thing yet you gave me the strength ,
Trust in myself and to be me , just me .

How my heart was so tempted ,
How my life was so blessed ,
How my love was so bright ,
When I know that you were always by my side .

I dedicate this poem to YOU , Double A .

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