Assalamualaikum ,

Hey reader(s), how are ya? Looking good today? Me? As usual, lost -__________- Lost? Naaah that's not what I meant, my final exam is around the corner, if that so what am I doing in front of my lappy. Act, I've just finish doing my Chemistry assignment. I don't have enough spirit to study. Brrr, malasnyaaaaa.#opsterkantoipulokss

I'm counting right now, jyeah less than 7days to go back home, I miss my family especially my MOM. Hey mom, are you doing good right now? My ticket is on 26th of August at 11p.m. Don't ask me why am I choosing that time. Standard budak tksabar nk balik rumah lah jadi macam tuh. Seriously tk sedap hati until now and then. I hope nothing bad will happen, InsyaAllah. Ouh no, -___________- I'm so worry about this. Perasaan aku je tuh. Nvm, leave it behind. Mak please doakan keselamatan anakmu yea, I can't wait to see you .

I miss them :(
A few days ago, I had my speaking test. It was totally suck! I can't brainstorming within 2 minutes for that stupid task. I've done my best, but I know it is not the best as I thought . Nvm, aku pasrah jea. That's why lah this entry I type in English. I got A- for my SPM. I can't speak in English fluently. I'm lack of vocabulary. My point fr that discussion was totally erghhhhh. Okay it's enough.

Last Wednesday, my classmates and I were breaking fast together. It was totally fun. I'm gonna miss you guys. *sorry no pictures uploaded cause I'm so lazybumbum. Goodluck for yr final exam, which less then one month starts from now. This year will be the same as last year, I have to study during the Raya's holidays. Niceeeeee man. I hope this sem aku tk kantoi. I will work hard to get 3.7 and above! I know I can do it !

I think that's all fr today. I want to take a shower and go to the bazaar buy some foods fr today *I'm fasting okay. Noob -___________________________________-

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