Curi-curi :P

Assalamualaikum ,

Hey guys , long time no see . Sorry lh , I'm having my final exams mood now . Yeah , 4 papers done , only 2 more left which is Chemistry and Physics . These two subjects is really killing me wehh . Just now I had my Biology paper , seriously susah dol . I just keep on answering the questions . Seriously I don't care whether it is right or wrong . Yesterday I slept at 3 am , cool man . For this whole exam week , I stayed up until 2-3 am to do revision . Tomorrow I have one day break , I have to study for the whole day . Fyi , my chemistry is bad --" I failed for my test 1 and test 2 I got 22.5/30 yeaaaaaah . From 10 increase to 22.5 HAHA it's sounds like beriya but it's reality man . Usaha tangga kejayaan . I'm not good in stoichiometry . So I have to do a lot of exercises . Pray for my success okay .

Btw , I want to congrats to Hani caused yesterday her cute little brother was born . Tahniah lah Hani , Cik Sakinah pon congrats jugaak . I can't wait to see them this sem break . My MUET speaking test will be held on 18 OCT at 11 am , I'm so scared . Alhamdulillah Mila got the same date with me , I hope that we'll be in the same group . My english is bad also , I can't speak fluently and used the correct word . Sometimes , I just direct translating the words HAHA biasalah kata orang Melayu . See , now I belagak cakap ongputih . Biasa letewwww .

I don't want to talk about my carry marks , but I'm grateful because all my carry marks are above 30/50 . All my test marks are above 5 HAHA that's mean 5.5 , 6.5 and so on . More than half , so okaylah tuh kan . Okay I have to go now . I hope that I can answer all the Chemistry and Physics question . Aminn . Act , I have a lot of things to share but nevermind , I have 6weeks break so I can share with you everyday .

*psst , I have new background , cute right ? I know . HAHA I'm so madly deeply crazily fell in love with Dong Woon ( Beast ) and GongChan ( B1A4 ) . And lend me your ears to listen to my new song , I meant my profile song , Sebuah Pertemuan by UNIC . This song really meant to me . Just hear and 'amati' the lyrics . HAHA sesungguhnya buruk bebeno English aku -________- saje nk luahkan bakat terpendam . KBYE .

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