Put Your Heart In It .

This song really touched me , thanks Cik Mat for this song . Yeah right , I'll do my best fr this final . Never give up . I'll make sure my pointer is above 3.7 . InsyaAllah . Be strong Fatihah , you can do it . Believe me ! .
I hope that I can score more on Biology and Chemistry . Pleaseeeee I dont want to take the Supplementary Test . I dont want to be dismiss from this foundation program . Pleaseeeeeeee  dont want to let my parent down . This short entry will be the last entry before my final exam . I'm sorry fr everything , please forgive me . Wish me luck . And goodluck fr all foundation's students and Diploma's :)

Kenny Rogers - Put Your Heart In It .

We knew it was one in a million
It was such a long shot
Somehow we’ve got here together
And who knows what will happen
Anything can happen
If we keep getting better
And we keep on believing.

When you put your heart in it
It can take you anywhere
Who’s to say that we can’t make it
It’s the same dream that we share
When you put your heart in it
It can take you anywhere.

This road was so long and winding
It was such a hard road
But we can’t stop once we had started
We were always getting closer
Suddenly it happens
A chance in a lifetime
Now we’re gonna take it
We can make it.

When you put your heart in it …

This is my exam schedule , my finals will be end on 3.10.2011 and I will have my sem break fr 6 weeks . Awesome .


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